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If you love plaid, here are 3 ways to feel good about wearing it!

Posted at 1:46 PM, Oct 20, 2021

Plaid is one of those classic patterns that will always be around, especially this time of year.

But, Wardrobe Consultant Dani Slaugh says because of the often larger, bolder horizontal and vertical lines, the effect can enlarge your figure!

Dani joined us with three smart, slimming ways to wear your favorite plaid.

1. Wear the plaid diagonally. Diagonal lines tend to be more slimming than vertical/horizontal lines. Look for clothing pieces with diagonally placed plaids and watch visual weight disappear. You'll find this strategy applied to tops, bottoms, dresses, breast pockets on shirts, and even scarves. If you have a plaid scarf, twist it so that the plaid is turned diagonally.

2. Wear a smaller scale pattern. Plaids and checks are similar with their vertical/horizontal design. In general, expect smaller check patterns to minimize the figure and larger checks to maximize or enlarge the figure.

3. Wear plaid on your slimmer area to balance the fullness elsewhere.
Is the bottom half of your body larger than the top? Or do you want your shoulders to appear more broad? Try wearing the pattern on your top to balance bottom-heavy weight, creating the illusion of a more balanced, ideal figure.

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