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In Utah we get all four seasons, and with that comes the spectrum of driving climates

Posted at 1:38 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 15:38:54-05

In Utah we get to experience all four seasons, but with that comes the full spectrum of driving climates too.

Unfortunately, when we see storms like came through this week, there are accidents.

But, you can prepare your car for winter driving.

We talked with Personal Injury Attorney Craig Swapp for some tips for drivers.

He says start with your tires. You want the very best traction as you drive during the winter months, and traction is often severely jeopardized in wet, snowy or icy conditions. While there's nothing better than chains or snow tires for icy roads, simply having the right tire pressure goes a long way. Make sure the tread on your tire is not worn down either.

Swapp also recommends that you check your car's wiper blades and make sure you have adequate winter windshield wiper fluid. It's pretty simple, if you can't see out your windshield, you're probably going to crash.

Your vehicle's battery capacity is reduced in cold weather, and sometimes a battery that has worked well all summer and fill will have problems in colder temperatures. To make sure you don't have trouble starting your car on a freezing day, take a look under your hood at your battery to check the manufacture date, and to look for cracks or breaks in the battery cables.

Lastly, Swapp says be prepared for the worst with an emergency kit that includes a blanket and extra water and food.

If you do get in an accident and need the help of an attorney, call Craig Swapp & Associates at 1-800-404-9000 or visit