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Install a new bath or shower before the holidays

West Shore Home
Posted at 1:56 PM, Oct 04, 2023

If you have a bathroom that really shows its age it's easier than you may think to get a shower or bath update.

West Shore Home officer new styles that could be installed in just a day.

John Casagrande, General Manager of West Shore Home, says a timeless white shower could be just what you need.

He says when you call West Shore Home your call will be answered immediately by a live person.

"At West Shore Home, we believe you deserve a better, safer, and easier home improvement project," Casagrande said. "So, we based our process around the customer, removing the worries typically associated with larger remodeling projects, and making it easier and more convenient for homeowners."

To remodel your shower and bath, call 801-877-3299 to receive $500 off West Shore Home's current sale price.

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