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Instead of people canceling their parties, they are pivoting to virtual parties

Posted at 1:35 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 15:36:00-05

We're here to help you save your birthday party in 2021!

Instead of people canceling their parties, they're pivoting to virtual parties.

So we asked "The Life of the Party", Rob Ferre for some tips to throwing a party virtually.

He says first things first, make sure you use a good virtual platform. He recommends Zoom because the first 40 minutes are free.

Rob says you can always hire a professional entertainer, and be sure to ask them if they have Zoom because then you can go longer than 40 minutes.

Rob also says there are some simple games you can play. One of his recommendations is skribbl, which is a picture game that you can also play on your phone.

Rob also recommends setting up a scavenger hunt right in your home, or use to set up a hunt outside your home.

There's a also a fun rhyming charades game called Goat on a Boat.

And there is always Cards Against Humanity.

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