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Instead of sharing a bottle of wine, have your own can instead

Posted at 1:30 PM, Aug 07, 2020

Instead of passing around a bottle of wine to share with your friends (and maybe share germs in the process) why not have your own can of wine!

That's right, we never thought canned wine would be a thing, but Jimmy Santangelo from the Wine Academy of Utah, says it's just what we need right now!

In every can of wine, there's half a bottle, or about 2 glasses, so you can drink with friends and social distance at the same time! Jimmy says Underwood Wine would be a great choice. You can also calculate how much you've had.

But, wine isn't the only alcoholic beverage available in a can these days. Jimmy also recommends a cold spiked seltzer, such as Snow Melt, made by a Colorado brewery. Local distillery Beehive also makes a great option as well.

And, there's also sake in a can called Yomi. So, Jimmy says order take-out from your favorite sushi restaurant and pair it with this.

When it comes to alcohol content, the spiked seltzers have about 5 percent alcohol, cocktails generally have about 9 percent, and the wine has about 13.5 percent alcohol.

You can learn more from Jimmy at and on Facebook: @wineacademyofut.