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It's not good enough to live a long sick life when there's an opportunity to live a HEALTHY LONG LIFE

Posted at 1:31 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-29 15:31:50-05

One resolution on nearly everyone's list this year is to get healthy and stay healthy.

A new film out now streaming on Amazon and Apple, HEALTHY LONG LIFE, is a seven-part docu series that explores keys to being healthy while aging through interviews with the world's top experts, chefs, cancer survivors and healthy centenarians.

The writer and director of HEALTHY LONG LIFE, Daniel E. Kennedy, joined us along with a nutritionist featured in the film, Rosa Contreras-Tessada.

Kennedy says people in the United States are living 80 years or so, but only about 70 of those years are healthy ones. So, for 10 years, generally people aren't healthy. HEALTHY LONG LIFE brings science and the real people who have beat cancer and heart disease together. It also explores ancient healing traditions.

Kennedy's passion for disease prevention was ignited professionally while working with thousands of cancer patients and personally by witnesses cancer and heart disease-related deaths of his grandmother, uncle, aunt and father. His philosophy is it's not good enough to live a long sick life when there's an opportunity to live a healthy long life.

Through the process of writing and ghostwriting 15 books on cancer and heart health, Daniel honed the skills necessary to create, write and direct the HEALTHY LONG LIFE docuseries.

HEALTHY LONG LIFE is a journey around the world to experience the celebrations of cultures including music and dance and culinary arts as well.

So where do we start living a HEALTHY LONG LIFE? Contreras-Tessada says it starts around the table when children are learning how to eat. She says they need to know fruits and veggies are important, and so are spices. Exercise is another important thing to include in daily life, even walking more and riding bikes and just getting out and enjoying yourself. Cutting out stress is important, and so is getting enough sleep. Sleep is known to boost immune systems.

Rosa Contreras-Tessada is a nutritionist who supervises the nutrition program at Oasis of Hope Hospital for cancer patients. She leads a team of teaching chefs and nutritionists to create and film healthy recipes that are uploaded weekly to the Healthy Long Life free cooking app for iOS and Android. Rosa is featured speaking about nutrition and giving cooking demonstrations in the Mexico episode of Healthy Long Life.

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