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It’s time to bring the conversation about child abuse out of the shadows and into the light

Posted at 1:30 PM, Apr 26, 2021

Children's Justice Centers or CJCs as they are often called provide important services to families when there are allegations of child abuse.

We talked with Tonya Murray, Director of the Uintah County Children's Justice Center, who told us before Utah had CJCs, children were interviewed in police stations.

They would have to tell their story over and over again, to detectives, to the Department of Child and Family Services, to prosecutors and so on, which could retraumatize them.

Murray says now CJCs brings people to them, in a child friendly environment where they feel safe.

In addition CJCs know how to recognize other issues like mental health problems, sleep problems and more, and can refer children to the appropriate help.

Murray says child abuse thrives in darkness and in secret. So the SHINE Campaign turns the light on child abuse and being able to talk safely about it.

The SHINE Campaign also empowers adults survivors to share their stories so that kids can see you can get beyond it and lead rich, fulfilling lives. lives.

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