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Kids of all ages will be entertained for hours at this indoor playground

Posted at 1:52 PM, Oct 25, 2021

BULFDALE — If you are looking for a unique place for your kids to have a little fun, look no further than KidsTopia in Bulfdale. Manger, Anthony Barthell says that the playground was started to be a warm escape for families... literally.

“Being outside especially in Utah during the winter, it's hard. You can't go out and play much, other than in the snow, but some people want to just take their kids and let them play. So that's where the idea came from.”

KidsTopia is the largest indoor playground in Utah and it has everything from slides, to ball pits, to interactive games. It also boasts a labyrinth of a jungle gym for kids to explore. With over 6,400 square feet of space, KidsTopia has a little something for everyone, no matter what their age.

“Parents can follow the kids around they can play with their children as well,” says Barthell. “They can go into obstacles just as much as the kids can and there has been many a time where parents actually lose their kids because they're having fun.”

KidsTopia is a fun, safe environment, open 7 days a week and no reservations are needed. If you want to play more than once, memberships are available and there are even several rooms that can be rented for private parties. Barthell says however, that the only downside to a KidsTopia visit is, the kids won’t want to leave.

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