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Learn and Work in Utah Program

Posted at 1:44 PM, Oct 20, 2021

Short-term training programs are available tuition-free at public colleges and universities across Utah to individuals whose employment has been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Stacey King, a Computer Science Flex Student, Weber State University decided to do the Learn and Work program after her husband had to make a job change in the middle of the pandemic. His job change meant they had to move and between her husband's pay cut and housing costs rising it was tough to make ends meet.

Stacey is a teacher and by going back to school with the Learn and Work program she was able to get a bump in pay to help mitigate her husband's pay cut and new house payment.

Stacey earned a certificate through Weber State, and she's now teaching Computer Science to high school students.

She did her CS Flex program online which meant she was able to continue working full time, be a mom, and complete her course work when it worked with her schedule.

If you are like Stacey and your job has been affected by the Covid-19 pandeic you can visit to see what programs are available.