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Learn tech skills quick and find high paying jobs

Posted at 1:44 PM, Sep 09, 2022

Looking for a career in tech?

Did you know Salt Lake Community College can help you learn the skills you need typically within a year so you can move into the workforce and start making decent money?

Salt Lake Community College has renamed what used to be called their School of Applied Technology to Salt Lake Technical College to provide clarity to Salt Lake Technical College’s mission.

SLCC prides themselves on offering incredible education at an affordable price.

Dr. Jennifer Saunders Joined us to talk about all the programs they offer as well as how students are able to apply for grants and graduate with little to no debt.

More so than ever before, students at SLCC and SLTC can graduate debt free, with subsidized tuition from the state, employers, and through private scholarships. 75% of degree-seeking students and 81% of certificate students graduate with no student debt.

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