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Make the most out of autumn with these five romantic ways to bond with your sweetie

Posted at 1:52 PM, Oct 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-27 15:55:17-04

Fall is a great time to fall deeper in love.

Val Baldwin, CPC, says you can make the most out of the season with these five romantic ways to bond with your sweetie.

1. Learn How to Cook Comfort Food Together. Cooler temperatures tend to bring out your inner homebody making fall prime time to learn how to cook the best comfort foods. What's better than a piping hot chicken pot pie or homemade chili or amazing lentil soup? Plus working side-by-side with your sweetie is a fun, domestic way to bond. Try creating a new recipe together at home or sign up for a fall cooking class together at your nearest Sur la Table or community college.

2. Go Pumpkin-Picking. Travel back to your childhood and pick your own pumpkin together from the patch. Place bets to see who can find the biggest or smallest or weirdest-shaped, then lug it home together to carve. Light a fire in the fireplace and enjoy some hot cider or cocoa while you carve your pumpkins together. Click here to find pumpkin patches and corn mazes in Utah.

3. Scare Yourselves Silly. You may be too old to trick-or-treat, but you're definitely not too old for another Halloween traditio: Scary movies. Watch one of the classics - Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining - or google scary movies and you'll get more ideas. Then cuddle up with a bowl of popcorn and get ready to grab each other for support!

4. Fly Kites. Those swift and steady fall winds are perfect for kite flying, so go buy two colorful kites and hit an open field or park. Staring up at the clouds, listening to the breeze, and enjoying some quiet time together can be the ultimate bonding experience.

5. Throw a Tailgate Party for Two. Whether you're already a fan or just looking for an offbeat date idea, football season can definitely deliver - anything from a college game to going to your local high school homecoming festivities will get your adrenaline going. Pack a picnic of chili, chips, steaming hot chocolate and a heavy blanket; then head to the stadium early for an intimate party for two.

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