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Meals that will make EVERYONE at the dinner table happy!

Posted at 1:57 PM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 15:57:14-04

Quarantine meals could be getting very boring and mundane! Nutritionist, Trish Brimhall has some great ideas to make everyone of all ages happy about what for dinner:

1. Meal on a stick - even regular go-to menu items are more interesting and fun when deconstructed and on a skewer. It also helps when incorporating new or more varied food items. (Sandwich on a stick)

2. Tin Foil dinners (or breakfasts) - Why not bring our favorite camping meals into the kitchen? Tinfoil dinners are easily customized and you can even do tinfoil breakfasts for dinner.

3. Dip it - dip-able foods are always a hit for kids and adults alike. You can also work in some more fruits or veggies this way. Cut pizzas into long strips and serve with extra sauce, Find a new fruit or veggie dip recipe to take advantage of in-season or sale produce.

4. And for older kids - have them help make a cheese based or marinara based fondue dinner.

Keeping kids involved in the planning will go a long way to increasing their acceptance and participation at mealtime.

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