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More people look for a new job in January than any other time of the year

Posted at 1:15 PM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 15:15:52-05

Nycole Tylka, Assistant Director for the Department of Workforce Services, told us that more people look for a new job in January than any other time of the year.

With Utah's historically low unemployment rate of 2.1% in November 2021, and an economy that continues to grow, Utah employers are ready to hire.

A virtual job fair on January 13, 2022 can help Utah job seekers looking to start the new year with a new job.

If finding a new job is on your new year's resolution list, Workforce Services has tools and tips to help you.

Nycole recommends that you update your resume and tailor it to show relevant experience and skills that qualify you for the position in which you're applying. She says it's important to quantify positive results using numbers, percentages and dollar amounts.

It always pays to fully prepare for an interview. Research the company and be ready to share why you would be an asset to their team. Prepare examples using the SAR method - Situation, Action, Result - to answer behavioral-based questions and practice answering questions "out loud" before the interview

The Department of Workforce Services can help you in your job search at one of their employment centers or on their website

They provide free in-person coaching and online workshops with the tools and resources to be successful in your job search.

The website has more than 75,000 job listings. You can search and apply for jobs online.

You're also invited to take part in a statewide virtual job fair coming up Thursday, January 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Make sure to pre-register at

You can find the list of nearly 100 participating employers on the website or on the Facebook Event Page.

Have a digital profile photo ready - if you don't have one, it's easy to take one! Shoot from the shoulders up with a neutral background.

Make sure your resume is up to date and save it as a PDF.

The day of the fair, upload your photo and your resume to your profile. Employers will be available to chat or by video conference.

You can find more information and register for the job fair at