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No child is standard -- this personalized education program is helping students through the pandemic with online learning

Posted at 1:23 PM, Apr 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-13 15:37:20-04

My Tech High is a personalized education program administered in partnership with
innovative public school districts across the country.

The My Tech High program is made possible thanks to forward-thinking public school district leaders who recognize the need for choice in education.

Together, they empower parents and students to design unique and flexible education plans––all at no cost to the family!

My Tech High was already big pre-pandemic, but when schools were shut down by the pandemic last year, every family instantly became homeschoolers.

For many, the "Zoom Schooling" offered by their local district just didn't connect with their child. Many families started looking for other public school options to better meet their child's individual needs.

The amazing team of My Tech High teachers, administrators and staff embrace to the core the idea that "Our children are not standard."

Their innovative, student-tailored education program offers a universe of resources that help create an ideal learning experience.

The top three reasons parents choose personalized education through the My Tech High
program are:

#1 100% Tuition Free
They pay directly or reimburse parents for pre-approved curriculum and resources.
#2 Freedom & Flexibility
With parents, students choose what, when, where and how they want to learn.
#3 Student & Parent Services
My Tech High gives more opportunities for students, more support for parents.

My Tech High says the first key to being successful with online learning is to not try to simply replicate a traditional day at home. Instead, find high-quality curriculum resources that are organized in a way that align well with your child's individual learning style as well as their interests.

When the pandemic ends, My Tech High says they're seeing more and more districts take the time this year to plan ahead for offering better remote learning experiences for their

As it specifically relates to the My Tech High program, some parents will return to their local school next year, but we have many parents tell us they've enjoyed the freedom and flexibility My Tech High provides so much that they plan to continue with us for many years to come.

My Tech High is currently accepting applications right now at