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No eggs needed: Easter crafts and activities to keep kids busy

Posted at 1:36 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 15:36:13-04

Utah's Difficult Mommy blogger gave us the following Ideas for Easter if your eggs are in short supply!

1. Piñata Eggs: "This idea is simple and requires a few things you probably have around the house. You'll need a balloon, scrap paper, flour, water, streamers (or paint), a pencil and glue. Blow up the balloon and mix up a batch of paper mache, (1:1 ratio of flour and water) take strips of scrap paper and coat it in the mixture strain off the excess and put it on the balloon, continue until it is covered, allow to dry 24 hours, then do another layer, and another layer. When the third layer is dry you can pop the balloon. After that, cut your steamers into squares, put them on the tip of a pencil and dip into glue, then stick it on the egg, once it's covered you will have an egg piñata!"

2. Chalk art eggs: "This one is super simple draw and decorate Easter eggs with chalk. Maybe you could decorate your neighbors' sidewalk as well!"

3. Make an Easter(ish) cake: "No need to run to the store to get a bunch of fancy sprinkles just use what you have and let the kiddos have at the decorating. I decorated mine first to practice a skill I've been working on and then I turned the kiddos lose. They made a springy animal cookie dinosaur cake. Whatever you make I`m sure the Easter Bunny would approve."

4. No egg hunt, no problem: "Do a scavenger hunt. These can be so fun especially for older kiddos, make the clues tough and leave a prize at the end."

5. Neighborhood Egg Hunt: "It's not too late to get your neighborhood on board with an egg hunt. All it takes is drawing or printing an egg and putting it in your window."

"Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with your kids. No stress or worry, we've got enough of that already going on. Just have a little bit of fun."