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One of the hardest parts of road trips is keeping kids entertained

Posted at 1:48 PM, Nov 11, 2021

Lori Thompson is a self-proclaimed "fun mom".

But, she says going on road trips isn't always fun with kids get bored.

So, before heading to grandma's house for Thanksgiving, she joined us with some travel hacks.

1. Get the kid involved in planning the vacation.

2. Snacks for each child in a baggie.

3. Audio books and podcast uploaded to phone and ready to listen to. Audiobooks: Percy Jackson by Rich Riordan, Airman by Eoin Colfer, Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans to name a few. Podcasts: for kids/tweens: But Why: A podcast for curious kids, Alien Adventures for Fynn Caspian Teens and adults Imagined life

4. Road Trip Fun Bags- prebagged with surprises for the kids when they get bored (activity books, action figures, silly putty, snacks, candy, matchbox cars, small pad and pens, small pad and stickers...)

5. MAKE SURE TO HAVE'S: trash bags, napkins, tissues, plastic bags, Band-Aids (and other medicines), wipes, air freshener, extra straws, pillows, small throw blankets, water bottles for each traveler.

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