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Our eyes tell our story, but are yours telling people you're tired?

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jun 09, 2021

Our eyes tell our whole life story. They can tell a total stranger where you've been, what you're feeling, who you are. But sometimes the story we want to tell doesn't reflect the one that your eyes are telling. Wrinkles, crows feet, under eye bags can get in the way of telling people who you are inside.

Thanks to Plexaderm, you can be in control of your own story. Lines, wrinkles and under eye bags visibly vanish, allowing you to look younger on the outside to match the way you feel inside.

Plexaderm invites you to Tighten in Ten and feel confident knowing that the world is seeing your story the way you want it to be told. That's because Plexaderm tightens your skin in less than ten minutes and the results will be noticeable to you and your loved ones.

Results can last up to 10 hours, enough to get you through the day. Plexaderm is also great to use throughout the day for a quick pick me up. If you're going out for the night with some friends or spending a day out with the family, Plexaderm will help you look your best.

Active ingredients in Plexaderm are derived from naturally based shale clay which draw in moisture from within the skin to tighten and firm. It pushes back puffiness and heightens the wrinkle and line crevasses. And, you can use your water-based cosmetics after Plexaderm dries.

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