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Parenting tips with the 7 C's of resilience

Posted at 3:03 PM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 17:03:53-04

As parents we all want to raise resilient teens but it’s important for parents to known how to do it properly.

Daniel Scholz, LCSW, and Clinical Director of LifeLine for Youth, says that the motto at LifeLine is to: "Prepare the child for the path and not the path for the child".

Daniel shared with us Dr Ginsburg 7 C's of resilience:

1. Competence
2. Confidence
3. Connection
4. Character
5. Contribution
6. Coping
7. Control

Dr Ginsburg is a child pediatrician and human development expert and his work has become very influential and helpful for parents.

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