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Reshaping her life after it flipped upside down

'Vertical Blonde' is turning tragedy into triumph
Posted at 1:32 PM, Mar 20, 2023

Sarah Foley is sharing her story about an accident that flipped her life upside down.

Since then she has learned to heal and use adversity to become the person she wants to be and is now inspiring others.

"Own your story so your story doesn't end up owning you," she said.

She encourages everyone to fill the cracks of our life with gold "celebrating what we have experienced instead of denying them."

Making a bigger impact with your story is what she lives to do.

"So many people want to share their story and there is a craft to it that enables you to draw your audience in and transform them from stage," she explained.

She's host a 'Vertical Ambition' event on March 25th where the audience will go through an immersive workshop experience to learn ways to heal, grow and share our stories.

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