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Ritual Chocolate is truly a bean to bar company in the mountains of Utah

Posted at 1:33 PM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 15:33:42-04

Ritual Chocolate is truly a bean-to-bar company.

Budah stopped by the factory and cafe in beautiful Heber Valley to see the process that starts right with the cocoa beans they source from around the world.

They work closely with each farm and support sustainability for the farming community.

Once the beans arrive in Utah, they're roasted, the shells are removed and the beans are ground into a paste and then mixed with pure cane sugar before they're conched for three straight days.

Then it's time to mold the chocolate into bars and solidify them.

Some of the bars have just two ingredients, cacao and organic sugar. Others have cocoa butter added, and they offer flavors too. In all they offer 17 different flavors.

Many of the flavors are inspired by the mountains of Utah, like fresh raspberries, pine nuts and juniper.

Ritual Chocolate believes that their products are more than a snack -- they're an experience.

There are two locations:
2175 W. 3300 S. Suite 100 in Heber City
1105 Iron Horse Drive in Park City

Soon they'll be opening for tours and tastings!

You can find more information at