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See what's to love about using Sage to 'clear negative energy' in your home

Posted at 2:04 PM, Oct 30, 2020

You may have heard people talking about "smudging" their homes with a bundle of dried Sage sprigs, or pieces of the wood Palo Santo. But how does it work, and can anyone do it?

"Yes, anyone can clear their home," said Juhl T. Helias, a Master Numerologist and energy healer who clears homes and businesses of negative energy and entities. "You don’t have to be a Shaman.

Here are her step-by-step ways to make sure your energy, and the energy in your home, is helping and not hurting your wellbeing!

1. SAGE: The purpose of sage is both anti-microbial and energy elimination of vibrations. Not only does it completely kill micro bacteria in the home but it transforms the energy of the home by virtually 'erasing' conversations, vibration and psychic debris. That is the element of fire.

2. PALO SANTO: Adds oil into the air. The feeling it brings a bright, happy full energy. This eliminates the strong sage smell. This is an Earth Element.

3. Set an intention for this Halloween Full Moon. It's about 'letting go' (45/9 in Numerology). It’s about letting go of any grief or holding onto past issues. Write down what you are 'letting go.'

4. Set a NEW INTENTION for the holiday season; I recommend for the next three months, since we are in the final chapter of the year and we are starting a NEW BEGINNING. Set goals, write them down and when they are complete, either burn one or both pages OR place them in water, while trusting this will come to pass. This hits the memory of the mind as well as disciplines the body. This is the water element.

5. Sit yourself down to breathe and meditate. I recommend holding two stones - it's preference only - Selenite in your left hand to release any negative energy and Tourmaline or a black stone for your right hand to ground you to mother earth as well as to protect. Breathe in and out focusing on the breathe and your intentions, however you choose to process them. This is an Air element.

If you would like your energy or home cleared, or would like life coaching, numerology services, or more, find Juhl at