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Seventh-grade students in Utah are getting a free copy of middle-grade novel "Scar Dakota"

"Scar Dakota" by author Jason Wright
Posted at 1:43 PM, Jun 07, 2024

Jason Wright is known for his novels including "The Christmas Jars" and "Even the Dog Knows" among many others.

His newest book is titled "Scar Dakota" and it's a little bit about his own life and his 7th grade year which Wright calls "one of his hardest".

In the book, the main character comes in as "the new kid" in the middle of a school year in January in Highland, Utah.

Now, an anonymous donor has picked up the bill to provide 10,000 copies of the hardcover book for seventh-grade students in Utah's Alpine School District.

Jason said, "I'm rarely speechless, but this gift has done it!" He continued, "When the district expressed a desire to partner up on this book, given that it's based right in their backyard, I approached a prospective donor with a little bit of hope and a lot of prayer. Honestly we had no idea it would lead to this many books in this many hands, but we're grateful beyond belief."

The books arrived at the district in May, and now leaders will be distributing to schools.

In the fall, Jason plans to visit schools to discuss the book and the themes in it.

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