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SHINE aims to remove the stigma around child abuse, celebrate survivors and help people heal

Posted at 6:33 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 20:33:09-04

Throughout Utah there are 25 Children Justice Centers (CJCs), that's one affiliated with every county across the state.

CJCs are a safe, child-focused facility where children talk to a trained interviewer about the abuse. Audio and video equipment is used to preserve the interview for evidence and eliminate the need for multiple interviews.

Then, a team of professionals make decisions together about how to handle the case and help the child. Children and families are connected with services and supported throughout the process.

Keira Shae is a child abuse survivor and former CJC kid. She's sharing her story as a part of the SHINE Campaign.

SHINE aims to remove the stigma around child abuse, celebrate survivors, and highlight the important services available to survivors.

Keira says the Children's Justice Center helped her get through abuse as a child and now as an adult survivor she's able to lead a rich, fulfilling life.

She says CJC taught her that healing happens, and hope is possible. Keira has written a book about the experiences that led her to the CJC. It's called 'How The Light Gets In' and you can get it on Amazon/audible [

You can learn more about CJCs and the SHINE Campaign by visiting