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Social media gets a bad rap, but a mental health counselor says embrace it without letting it take over your life

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 15:42:10-05

Licensed Therapist Kelly Houseman, MS, LPC, NCC, says her practice has never been so full.

Not only did 2020 create a need for mental health counseling, it also took away some of the stigma, according to Houseman. She says more people are realizing it's OK to seek some help. She sees people for everything from anxiety and relationship issues to career goals and more.

We talked with Houseman for some insight into social media, since we're all spending more time scrolling these days.

She says social media gets a bad rap, but she believes you can embrace it without it letting it take over your life.

Her first tip is to be aware of how much time you're actually spending online. Track the time on your phone if you have to.

Houseman also says you should be aware of your emotions when you view certain accounts or posts. As yourself, "Am I OK with how I feel during or after?" Pay attention to how you're feeling as you're scrolling. Feelings of comparison can be heavy feelings, and that's tough. Houseman says if you need to, delete or unfollow an account that makes you feel bad. And, remember - to log off for significant periods of time too.

And ask yourself what you're trying to escape on social media? Are there other ways to do this that are more productive or healthier? If not -- Housman says spending time on your phone is OK, but remember that the real world is going on around you while you're looking down.

You can follow Houseman on Instagram @kellyhouseman or visit her website