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St. Louis-style ribs that anyone can make this Memorial Day

Posted at 1:50 PM, May 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-22 15:50:51-04

If you're up for cooking a rack of ribs this Memorial Day, why not brush up your skills with this St Louis Slab Rib recipe? This comes to us from our friend Marcus Jones at Miss Essies BBQ.

St. Louis Slab Rib Recipe

-Buy a whole slab pork rib from 4.75 - 6 lb
-Trim slab down to 2.5 - 3 lb


· Take off any excessive fat
· Take off the end (they are small and normally over cook)
· Take off the rib flap
**(Optional) Take off the membrane: Take a dry paper towel and pull from the corner of an end rib bone - you will be able to pull this all the way off – to help with the tenderness.


· We use Miss Essies Southern BBQ House Rub which will be in stores to accompany our sauces. You want to put a even coat of the seasoning on the slab of meat front, back and sides; you want every inch to be coated. If you don’t have a Miss Essies BBQ Seasoning you can use your favorite brand.


· When you are smoking your meats, know what temps you are wanting to hit and stay there; low and slow is always the best option!

· We cook at 250 degrees for 5 - 6 hours. The last hour of cooking, you want to place the slab of ribs in a foil pan, then take foil or butchers paper and wrap your ribs. Add a little BBQ sauce to cook into you ribs; this will bring out a lot of flavor and depth in your meat. It will be braising in the enclosed container.

· Check your meat every hour for done-ness and how tender you want it.

· Once you reach the desired tenderness, take it off and brush on one of the four of our Miss Essies BBQ sauces; they are all great sauces. Today, we are going to pick the True Honey. We will brush the BBQ sauce on the smoked and seasoned slab of meat then place back on the smoker or oven to caramelize the sauce. This will make the ribs super sticky and sooooo good!

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