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Stand4Kind believes every student should feel like they belong

Posted at 1:24 PM, Apr 03, 2023

Stand4kind believes every student deserves to feel like they belong and have a connection.

Founded in 2013, they are a Utah non-profit dedicated to supporting the mental health of teenagers.

Through teaching empathy, self-esteem, emotional wellness, and kindness, Stand4kind helps schools reduce suicide and bullying.

Stand4Kind offers a full range of training and coaching to help school personnel learn research-based strategies to improve student behavior, structure all school settings for success, and enhance student motivation.

LYFT (Lift Your Fellow Teens) is a message being shared currently throughout the state. LYFT Kits are provided to struggling students through their peers and friends.

Right now they are also providing little sheep dog stuffed animals to elementary classrooms to help kids better look out for each other.

They also offer a parent tool kit that offers resources and tools for parents covering a wide range of topics like bullying, emotional wellness, anxiety and more. Click here to get your Parent Tool Kit.

Click here to get the Stand4Kind app and for more information visit