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Summer can be a time when many people's spending gets away from them

Mountain America Credit Union
Posted at 1:50 PM, Jun 18, 2024

Summer can be a time when many people's spending gets away from them.

Jonathan Brouse, VP of Consumer Lending at Mountain America Credit Union, joined us with tips to keep that in check.

First, he says set a seasonal spending range for certain categories, like vacations, entertainment, and going out. Spending on these things isn't always consistent, so your overall budget should account for that.

He explained that Mountain America Credit Union and other financial institutions will allow you to set up a secondary savings account to keep track of those goals because saving throughout the year can make it much easier.

Jonathan also says with travel, think about all the incidental expenses that come along with a trip. Things like airport parking, food, and transportation to and from airports can add up if you're flying.

If you're driving, those roadside snack stops, parking at theme parks and souvenirs are often forgotten expenses in the planning process.

Even on staycations, plan for food and drinks in addition to the actual places you may be visiting.

Jonathan says if you've accumulated any credit card or checking account reward points, you may be able to use those to pay for some of your airfare, lodging and entertainment.

Some places have discounts if you show up on certain days or during certain hours.

You might also have access to a discount through AARP, AAA or a school alumni group.

If you're a member of Mountain America MyStyle Checking, there are discounts for entertainment, dining and travel included.

You can find more about those online at

Some credit cards offer additional cash-back options for certain retailers, which you may need to opt into on your account before you make a purchase.

Other cards or accounts may give you more rewards for spending in certain categories, like gasoline or travel.

For instance, right now purchases made with a Mountain America Rewards credit card are worth double rewards points. So if you're going to be making a purchase anyway, you can earn twice the rewards per dollar to help save money in the future.

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