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Tea Zaanti is Salt Lake City's only tea and wine cafe

Posted at 1:29 PM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-10 15:29:17-04

Right in the heart of Sugar House sits Tea Zaanti, Salt Lake City's only tea and wine cafe.

"Tea Zaanti is tea, obviously and Zaanti is Sanskrit for calmness of the mind," says Becky Lyttle. She and her husband own Tea Zaanti, where they invite you to come and enjoy a cup.

They offer everything from herbal to caffeine-free to green, black and Macha, just to name a few. And, if you just can't decide... they have a "tea-ser" shelf. "So all of our teas are displayed. You can open them up, smell them, see what the leaves are like, what else might be included in the tea, if they've got berries or mint, etc.," says Becky.

But if tea just isn't your cup of tea, maybe a glass is more your style. Tea Zaanti's wine selection rotates, but one stands out because with every sip it's giving back.

"We just brought in this House of Brown Chardonnay. It's a crisper, lighter chardonnay. I love that it's from a black-owned winery and proceeds from every bottle go to the George Floyd Fund up at the U", Becky says.

And over the past couple of years, they've hosted "Tea Wine Action".. a gathering to bring awareness locally to Black Lives Matter.

You can tell that communi-tea is a part of everything they do, including preserving the history of the house Tea Zaanti is in.

When they remodeled, they wanted to be as sustainable as possible, right down to turning some construction material into a bar and a bench.

On the wall you may notice "Ropes for Rescues"... dog leashes, which is appropriate because Tea Zaanti has a Salt Lake Health Department-approved dog-friendly patio.

Tea isn't the only thing you can enjoy. They also have a food menu and treats too.

And, they even have a market with everything you need to support your tea habit at home, and pick up snacks on the go.

"We kind of think of it as "build your own picnic basket" so if you're coming in to enjoy the patio, you might want to pick your cheese and meat from the fridge, maybe some tinned fish and crackers from the shelf and we'll plate it up for you," Becky says.

Tea Zaanti is located at 1944 S. 1100 E. in Salt Lake City. For more information please visit