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Teen goes from poverty to top of his class

Posted at 2:33 PM, Aug 05, 2021

Each year, Salt Lake Community College awards Graduates of Excellence who have demonstrated hard work, commitment, and selflessness.

Brock Smith is one of those distinguished students but his journey to this point didn't come easy.

He grew up in poverty, struggled with addiction, and had run-ins with the law but he decided to turn his life around and go to college.

He recently graduated in Social Work from Salt Lake Community College and has plans to transfer to the University of Utah to earn his PhD and develop a substance abuse program to help those suffering from addiction.

He urges other students who don't want to go to college or may be on the wrong path to challenge their disbeliefs.

This young man is making a difference and we should all live our lives by his motto, “Good is not good enough if I can do better.”

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