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The Flour Lady: Cookies are the canvas for this artist

Posted at 1:52 PM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-10 08:27:21-04

Lyndsey, TheFlourLady, has adored flowers her entire life. She started with a small floral business providing flowers for weddings and events, and later when she became an artist she created canvases full of blooms in vibrant colors which she loved because the flowers lived forever.

One day while baking sugar cookies she happily discovered a new ideal canvas - the cookies! Now she creates thick, scrumptious, buttery sugar cookies with gorgeous colors that look like the flowers in her paintings. They are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

After yummy trial and error, Lyndsey decided on what she believes is the best sugar cookie she has ever tasted, and the reviews say the same. With all the deliciousness of homemade cookies, these big soft cookies have the perfect sweet savory flavor because of a hint of coarse sea salt and their rich buttercream frosting.

Not just a treat for your mouth, these are definitely a treat for your eyes too. Designed to match the flowers in her paintings, these gorgeous cookies are frosted in vibrant colors and soft pastels with whimsical sprinkles in every color you can imagine. And they don't just come in sugar. They come infused with fresh orange for a slight sweet tang or with a lovely lavender as well.

Using only the finest ingredients for premium flavor, these cookies are dangerously addictive both because of the thick, soft cookie and the generous creamy frosting.

According to Lyndsey, the trick to the best buttercream frosting is to cream the butter while it's still cold, not at room temperature like many recipes call for. When you cream it into the sugar cold, the frosting ends up with a lovely sweet buttery taste.

Because these cookies are so pretty, they are sure to beautify any luncheon tablescape, bridal table and are perfect for a wedding celebration, any birthday party or shower and as a gift for mothers, daughters and friends.

They would also make great party favors as they come wrapped on their own and feel like perfect little individual gifts when you take them out of the box.

But don't wait for a special occasion, they will make any day a celebration when they arrive in their gorgeous flower covered box, printed with one of Lindsay's original works of art! "I like to sneak and have one in the morning with my coffee," says Lyndsey with a naughty wink. And you will too. They are that irresistible.

TheFlourLady ships all over the United States and for viewers of The Place when you enter promo code THEPLACE during purchase you will receive 14 cookies for the price of a dozen at