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The idea of detoxing is all over social media. But, does it work?

Demystifying Detox Myths
Posted at 1:40 PM, Jul 10, 2023

From weight loss to reducing inflammation to clearing up skin — the idea of detoxing is found all over social media.

However, detox diets are not scientifically proven safe or effective.

Trish Brimhall, RDN, CD, CLE, joined us to demystify detox myths and give us healthier suggestions.

She says, "There is not one food or drink that is a magic elixir".

What's more, your body already has systems in place tat are taking care of detoxing.

Trish says losing water weight and regaining after the detox deprivation period is a recipe for disaster metabolically and emotionally.

You end up more fatigued, mentally fogged and you damage your relationship with food.

Trish says always check your sources and look for research.

And, Trish offered a few things you can do instead of a "detox diet":

· Drink lots of plain water.
· Keep digestion healthy with lots of veggies, fruits and whole grains that help feed your gut’s microbiome.

· Regular exercise – nothing compares to a good sweat.

· Prioritize sleep – aiming for 7 or more hours per night.

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