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The Intermountain Symptom Checker is a free, online tool

Posted at 1:35 PM, Mar 26, 2020

The Intermountain Symptom Checker is a free, online, artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool that helps people assess their risk for COVID-19 and determine the most appropriate care setting for their condition, if needed.

The Intermountain Symptom Checker is available to the public on the Intermountain Healthcare website at

The tool is continuously updated based on CDC and WHO guidelines and helps consumers by providing the following services:

  • Checks for COVID-19 symptoms and pertinent risk factors
  • Navigates people to appropriate resources and care based on their level of risk
  • Provides general information on symptoms, prevention, and what to do
  • Provides authoritative and timely answers to common questions about COVID-19

About half of those using the Symptom Checker had no risk or very low risk.

A third were directed to telephone answer lines or a telehealth visit where they could be further screened.

Self-quarantine was recommended for nine percent of users, an ED visit for six percent, and one percent were directed to contact 911, according to Susan Tew, assistant vice president of consumer digital experience for Intermountain Healthcare.

Most individuals did not have risk factors that required testing at one of 22 curbside drive-thru assessment locations that Intermountain Healthcare has set up throughout much of Utah.