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The Moab Regional Hospital wants visitors to have fun and not end up in the E.R.

Posted at 1:35 PM, Sep 29, 2020

When you're visiting Moab, in beautiful southeastern Utah, make sure you stop at a Maverik, because it is adventure's first stop! Load up on snacks, water, drinks and more to make your adventure even more fun!

Maverik Events Manager Malori Miner says you can even download their app, or become an Adventure Card Club member and be eligible for prizes with every dollar you spend in the store. It's as easy as visiting to sign up.

But, you can't have fun if you're not safe. If an accident does happen, know that you'll be in good hands in Moab.

Moab Regional Hospital is a Level IV trauma center, a 17-bed leader in healthcare in southeastern Utah. They have a group of physicians from a wide range of specialities.

Budah talked with Michelle Peterson, RN, who says they want people to have fun in the beautiful outdoors that Moab offers, but they want people to do it safely. Peterson says they see a lot of injuries in hikers, bike riders and even base jumpers.

One of the main injuries is with people riding ATV's and UTV's, but not wearing seatbelts or helmets, going too fast or drinking while operating the vehicles. Peterson says it's important to know your equipment, and use safety equipment at all times.

The hospital also sees its share of hunting injuries, mostly gun injuries. Peterson says hunters should know where their weapon is at all times, whether it's a bow and arrow or a gun.

The hospital even has a board where visitors can mark where they got injured, and how they got injured. It's a board that they don't want people to end up on!

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