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The power of a smile: what is your smile saying about you?

Posted at 2:23 PM, Feb 10, 2020

Valentine's Day is a great day to share the love and give someone you care about a smile.

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Dani Slaugh put together a list of famous lips and common tips on what your smile says about you.

She says in The Definitive Book of Body Language, Allan and Barbara Pease describe the Three Common Types of Smiles:

1. Drop-jaw smile -This is a practiced smile where the lower jaw is simply dropped down to give the impression that the person is laughing or playful, but they are faking enjoyment.

2. The Tight-Lipped Smile - It sends the message that the smiler has a secret or a withheld opinion or attitude that they will not be sharing with you. It`s a favorite of women who don`t want to reveal that they don`t like someone and is usually clearly read by other women as a rejection signal. Most men are oblivious to it.

3. Sideways-Looking-Up Smile - With the head turned down and away while looking up with a Tight-Lipped Smile, the smiler looks juvenile, playful, and secretive. This coy smile has been shown to be men`s favorite everywhere, because when a woman does it, it engenders parental male feelings, making men want to protect and care for females. This is one of the smiles Princess Diana used to captivate the hearts of people everywhere.

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