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The "Three R's" approach to treating patients at Prime Meridian Healthcare

Posted at 1:31 PM, Mar 22, 2022

Prime Meridian Healthcare (PMH) is focused on prevention. Physical Therapist Dave Hawkins says the goal for patients is the "three R's".

Reverse the course of chronic disease
Reduce the need for prescription drugs
Reclaim health and quality of life

Hawkins says 70 percent of Americans have some form of metabolic syndrome which encompasses high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.

He says as an integrative clinic, patients at PMH have a team of providers, including different specialists, to look at the whole person. If a person can't move well, if they experience pain with activity or chronic pain, changing their lifestyle becomes limiting.

That's why PMH has the "Core Four", which are four areas of health.

This includes: 1. Cor Movement, 2. Cor Food, 3. Cor Living, or our overall well-being like sleep, stress, motivations, and 4. Cor Relationships, people with healthy connections live longer, are healthier.

All four are interconnected.

When it comes to movement, Hawkins described "The Movement Box", movement/ mobility, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. You must look at all four areas.

For someone who hates to exercise or doesn't move much, he recommends finding something you like to do: pickle ball, walking, riding your stationary bike. Then, have an accountability partner, be consistent and have a "no excuse" workout.

For more information on becoming a patient at Prime Meridian Healthcare, go to They do take insurance.