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There are new releases in home entertainment the family can watch together

New Releases in Home Entertainment
Posted at 1:55 PM, Jun 27, 2023

There are new releases out in home entertainment and film critic Tony Toscano has his reviews and grades for them.

First, streaming on VOD and in selected theaters is the family film "God's Country Song". Ini the film, and up-and-coming country star hits a crossroad in his life when he learns he had a son he never knew he had. Tony says "God's Country Song" is a heartfelt and touching story about taking responsibility and facing one's fears. It is rated TV-PG and Tony gives it a "B".

Hitting Disney + is the comedy "World's Best". Young Raj Patel is an expert at math but is also secretly obsessed with his late father's dream of becoming a rap musician, and he almost loses everything in his attempt to achieve multiple goals in life. Tony says "World's Best" is a funny and endearing comedy about the balance between what you're good at and what you dream of. It is rated PG and Tony gives it a "B".

Hitting BET + July 6, 2023 is the new action/ thriller "Call Her King". Tony says "Call Her King" is an action packed one woman against the odds movie using the courtroom as its battlefield. It is not rated and Tony gives it a "B".

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