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There are some strange occurrences at Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island

Posted at 3:46 PM, Oct 28, 2021

Are there ghosts on Utah's Antelope Island?

Ranch Manager at Fielding Garr Ranch Carl Aldrich says he won't go so far as to say "ghosts", but he says there are multiple reports of strange happenings there.

He says he can't explain some of the times he's heard voices or smelled a strange odor.

Aldrich says visitors have also reported being "chased" inside the ranch or "watched".

The mystery dates back to when Fielding Garr died in 1855, and no one knows where he is buried.

Call in the ghost hunters!

W.A.S.P. (Western Association for the Science of the Paranormal) investigates such folklore and legends all across the area.

Chris Harmon with W.A.S.P. says they've heard a lot of stories about Antelope Island and were thrilled at the chance to investigate.

His team uses a lot of different tools, like cameras, digital recorders, walkie talkies (to keep in touch with each other), and they put up security cameras to capture things happening when no one's around.

You can learn more and reach them at

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