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These are the teen substance abuse trends seen during the pandemic

Posted at 2:02 PM, Feb 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-21 15:27:54-04

Drug Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by changes in the brain which result in a compulsive desire to use a drug.

Dan Scholz, Clinical Director for LifeLine for Youth, says there has been an increase in substance use and mental health issues through the pandemic.

Scholz joined us to talk more about teen substance abuse trends which include a spike in Fetanyl use, alcohol use, marijuana, prescription pills and even over-the-counter medicines.

He says teens using substances is more concerning due to brain development and neural pathways being developed.

Consistent use during adolescence increases the likelihood of adult addiction.

Addiction doesn't discriminate. It can impact every type of family regardless of background.

LifeLine for Youth treats youth from all types of religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, race etc.

Addiction impacts Utah families and can cause significant problems.

As parents spend time understanding prevention methods and warning signs of substance abuse problems.

The more habitual the problem becomes the more difficult it can be to treat it. Fortunately there is hope. Addicts can change.

LifeLine for Youth knows that family support is critical in prevention as well as treatment.

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