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These three women are the winners in the Teacher Makeover Contest at Downeast

Posted at 2:14 PM, Aug 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-12 16:14:02-04

Three Utah teachers received makeovers just in time for the school year, courtesy of Downeast Basics.

Kylie: – She had a very difficult year teaching during Covid and losing a baby. Her students rallied around by giving her positive notes and saying kind words. It was what absolutely kept her going. Her students said, "Ms. Harris is 100% dedicated to her students despite her own hardships. She spends so much of her own money to make sure that learning is fun. She is always striving to make her students do better. Even through her personal hardship, you will always find her smiling while teaching."

Alicia Richmond with Downeast says to celebrate her style they found a beautiful teal wrap blouse that has simple details and is so easy to wear. Also, she wanted a pair of skinny jeans that was flattering and would stay put. Her outfit was completed with the luxe wrap top.

Hannah: Ms. Philpot brings joy into the classroom every day. Her students said, "Even in the midst of Covid, she would be positive about the benefits of wearing masks, she would joke masks were also "bad breath blockers." You would never have known in the middle of the year that she was diagnosed with MS. Despite these challenges, she pushed forward with optimism and a continued dedication to her students. She loves encouraging her students to participate in school activities that are fun and academic."

Alicia says to celebrate her style they dressed her in the Tiered Shirt Waist Dress in Sage. Dresses are a favorite and she rocks this look!

Jaimee: Elementary Counselor - Received multiple nominations! Here are a few thoughts that were shared: "Mrs. Stonehocker is one of the most amazing educators that I have ever met. She dedicated so many hours to be a child advocate to these children and she makes sure that all of the kids needs are met. At times, she uses her money and community support to make sure that kids are fed, have clothing and their basic needs. Mrs. Stonehocker treats these students like they are her own children. Nothing stops her from reaching out and caring about all of her students. Her own personal, health issues have not slowed her down in continuing to be compassion and loving to these kids.

To celebrate her style Alicia says they traded in her overalls to embrace her feminine side in a beautiful Luxe maxi dress. What a showstopper!

All of the jewelry for the makeovers is from the Downeast "Jewelry for a Cause' collection. A new collection is introduced each month and for every piece sold, $1 is donated to the Malouf Foundation to benefit human trafficking survivors.

Downeast is also offering a special discount for all teachers: 40 percent off on clothing items from August 12 to August 23, 2021. (In stores only, bring teacher ID).

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