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This app is a simple, yet comprehensive approach to mental health and personal wellness

Posted at 1:35 PM, May 27, 2021

Climb is a new wellness app that is literally for everyone, whether you are dealing with mental health challenges, battling addiction, or just want to improve your life overall.

Dr. Dave Schramm, USU Extension Professor in Marriage and Family Studies, says it's far more than just a meditation app. He says it's a simple, yet comprehensive approach to mental health and personal wellness.

Clay Olsen, Founder and CEO of Impact Collective, says you basically break the app into three main buckets of support:

  • Learn, which provides training that was developed by a team of professionals with different areas of expertise from around the country.
  • Connect which provides access to a global community of others seeking to improve similar areas of their life, unlimited messaging with specialized lifestyle coaches in categories such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, financial wellness, stress management, and more, and even schedule a therapy session with a licensed therapist in just a couple clicks.
  • Track that provides key insights of strengths and vulnerabilities to help you recognize patterns and visualize change overtime.

Dr. Dave says there are mental benefits to using a daily program. He told us the average user is experiencing a 24 percent decrease in depression and anxiety levels. And highly engaged users are seeing closer to 88 percent decreases in depression and anxiety.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month in May, Climb is offering lifetime access when the Climb app is downloaded to your mobile device.

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