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This August, Ogden Contemporary arts invites you an "immersive head trip fantasy experience"

Posted at 1:57 PM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 15:57:03-04

Wayne Coyne, the frontman of of The Flaming Lips, is bringing his brainchild show to Utah.

"The King's Mouth" is playing through September 19 at Ogden Community Arts Center.

The show is described as an "immersive head trip fantasy experience".

Coyne states: "The King's Mouth immersive/child-like qualities are born from the same spark and womb as The Flaming Lips' live performances. The King's Mouth adventure was made for humans of all sizes, ages, cultures, and religions."

The Flaming Lips' psychedelic rock shows are theatrical spectacles with elaborate props and incredible energy; Coyne's creativity on stage translates directly into his artwork, which holds the same bizarre connotations and joyful curiosity as his music.

Coyne will also be performing on August 20 at the Ogden Twilight series.

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