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This chef knows there's a lot more to Utah cuisine than green Jell-O, Funeral Potatoes and Fry Sauce

Posted at 2:09 PM, Aug 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 16:09:29-04

You will have a meal with a view at The Lakehouse at Deer Creek.

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience on the shores of Deer Creek in beautiful Heber Valley, and the hyper-locally focused cuisine from nationally-celebrated Chef Tamara Stanger.

She's a Utah native and has a passion for wild foods and local ingredients and she wants to change the way people think of Utah food.

Chef Tamara says "Utah is more than green Jell-O, funeral potatoes and fry sauce!"

She believes the cuisine in the state can stand up to the cuisine in metropolitan cities around the world.

Chef Tamara showed off some of her menu items at The Lakehouse, including her pies which she's very proud of, homemade tostadas and even a traditional club sandwich.

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