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This is the Place Heritage Park: Treasure House and the Native American Village

You can pan for gold at This is the Place Heritage Park
Posted at 2:13 PM, Jul 24, 2023

President Abraham Lincoln once said in a speech that Utah would become the "Treasure House of the Nation".

And, when you visit the Treasure House at This is the Place Heritage Park, you can see why.

Diamond Jim says, "Some pretty prophetic words given all of the mining that we do here."

This is the place where you can pan for gold, and it's part of the admission price.

When you find a chunk of gold, you take it to the bank, weigh it and learn how much you've earned.

Across the street is the Native American Village, which is a craft area where you can make beaded bracelets and learn about the eight Native American tribes in Utah.

The area boasts the 3rd largest Teepee in the world!

To get to this area, it can be a bit of the climb, so hop on board the train.

There's also a miniature train by the pond.

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