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This year, instead of giving your loved ones candy and flowers for Easter presents, how about the gift of a great book?

Posted at 1:32 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 15:32:38-05

It's March and a lot of people are starting to shop around for Easter presents.

This year instead of giving candy or flowers, how about the gift of a great book?

Melissa Dalton Martinez, Host & Reviewer for The Book Break, joined us with three book recommendations for everyone on your list.

The first book is "The Hope of the Promise: Israel in Ancient & Latter Days" by Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis. Melissa says it's a perfect way to capture the spirit of Easter. The book has more than 100 photographs taken while Dr. Jarvis was leading a tour group on Israel and Jerusalem. Through the photographs and in-depth analysis you will visit the modern nation of Israel, encounter the people who made history in the Bible, experience events from thousands of years ago and learn about what all this means for today.

The second book is "Real" by Carol Cujec and Peyton Goddard. Melissa says this book is great for middle-grade readers, and great for introducing perspectives they might not get otherwise. "Real" is inspired by a true story of a nonverbal autistic girl, told from her perspective. The book follows her challenges with her own disability and with the abuse she faces from her teachers and classmates.

The third book is "A Captain for Caroline Gray" by Julie Wright. The heroine and namesake of the book, Caroline Gray, is a daring and intelligent woman who's intellect, education, and forthright opinions have intimidated every potential suitor she has come across. She is sent away to meet the son of a family friend who might consider a proposal… but that is when she meets Captain Thomas Scott. Captain Scott is intrigued by her boldness, and soon an attraction begins to blossom between them.

Melissa is doing a giveaway contest for "The Hope of the Promise", "Real", and "A Captain for Caroline Gray". Viewers can go to and enter to win one of these books for free. Winners will be notified in the morning of March 11, 2021.