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Three new stores at City Creek Center plus a big giveaway!

Posted at 9:22 PM, Dec 05, 2021

City Creek Center is ready for the holidays!

Jenny stopped by to talk with General Manager Linda Wardell, who is excited about three stores new to City Creek Center.

Fernwood is a legacy Utah brand that is now at City Creek Center! You probably know their classic mint chocolate sandwiches, but they have an array of other sweet treats that you can sample at any time. And, Linda says Fernwood also has diabetic and Keto-friendly chocolate too! They're located right outside the food court.

Also, right outside the food court, the Red Balloon Toy Store. This features all the toys you can dream of, including inspiration and educational toys, puzzles and more.

The third new store Linda told us about is Mineral and Matter, which is a woman-owned brand. The store is filled with beautiful things like jewelry and crystals and organic cotton bandanas. You'll find this store right outside of Macy's on the lower level.

While West Elm is not new to City Creek Center, it is a wonderful place to pick up a hostess gift as you're dashing off to that holiday party. Who wouldn't love a cutting board, or candle or even a cocktail set?

Speaking of West Elm, they are doing a huge giveaway. Click here for your chance to win a $250 gift card to West Elm at City Creek Center!

You also have a chance to give back during the holidays at City Creek Center. Right outside the food court you'll find the Giving Machines, which benefit four local charities. Linda says they're as simple to use as a vending machine. Simply put in your credit card and make a donation.

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