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Through the pandemic Ken Garff employees have been "all in" in giving back

Posted at 2:24 PM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-13 16:24:21-04

When COVID hit, Ken Garff Automotive Group wanted to help several businesses and communities weather the fatigue of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ken Garff was built on a heritage of supporting small businesses and communities in need, so they planned 42 days of giving back to those in the communities they serve.

They last May when 21 Ken Garff dealerships and nearly 1700 employees throughout Utah wanted to make a difference by helping local community members by buying from local businesses during the pandemic and helping other organizations or people who were hit hard by the pandemic in the state.

Because Ken Garff Auto has been built on the strength of community service, this is a very
natural step for them. What better way during a pandemic to say We're Hear For You than to find specific needs of individuals and organizations and then to give it to them for free to help them out?

Ken Garff recognized some small businesses had to lay off employees or close, ending jobs or
businesses permanently, but they knew they could help with some specific goods and services.

Since last year, Ken Garff has been able to provide items such as supplies for refugees in Utah
County where we bought supplies and filled 160 Blessing Bins to help them adjust to life in

They've also provided groceries for seniors, lunches for hospital staff, free tanks of gas for
random commuters, flowers for teachers and free passes to open entertainment venues
like Hogle Zoo and much more.

This has been so incredible that they've gone beyond the original 42 days of giving.

Ken Garff employees have been incredibly moved and invested in giving back. They've seen the tears and expressions of gratitude first hand and it has truly affected each of them for the better.

Go to and provide information to let us know of someone who may need help.

The Ken Garff team will then go through the process of identifying who we can help next because as they say "We're Hear For You".