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Timpview High School student being hailed as a tech music prodigy; hear her perform live

Posted at 2:38 PM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 16:38:49-04

Neveah Valdizan is a 15-year-old Timipview High School student who is being hailed as a prodigy for pioneering a new era of music.

Neveah began singing at the age of two and taught herself how to do everything musically, from singing to composing music, by using YouTube and the app Smule, without any formal music education.

Her voice talent was recognized at an early age from powerful people in the music industry in Los Angeles, California like producers at Le Petit Cirque Du Soleil to the Black Eyed Peas to name some.

Neveah, with the support of her uncle Piero Valdizan, who is an experienced musician himself, made a full album on her iPhone.

She did it with her debut album "Sticky Notes".

Sticky Notes received immediate recognition from her high school, the Provo City Mayor Kaufusi, Utah's senator Mitt Romney, news and radio stations and more.

Neveah hopes that her amazing music will continue to expand to other radio stations worldwide and be widely streamed, as well as, she hopes that one or more songs in her album will make it to the charts.

Neveah is now an inspiration for Gen Z teens and is thrilled to be living the teenage dream and working on a second and third album, and she continues to collaborate with her uncle Piero in making amazing music.

You can find more information on Neveah's Instagram @neveahvaldizan.

And you can find her music here:
YouTube: Neveah Valdizan "Sticky Notes"
SoundCloud: Neveah Valdizan "Sticky Notes"
Spotify: Neveah Valdizan "Sticky Notes"
Apple Music and all others: Neveah Valdizan "Sticky Notes"
Neveah's Uncle, Piero's social media and all music channels are under: BABY BOI PERU