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Trash Can Nachos

Posted at 2:47 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 10:05:14-05

You have a party coming up and you're asked to bring the chips & dip.
This recipe for Trash Can Nachos is the perfect finger food to light up the eyes of your friends.

Time: 30-45 Minutes (if the brisket is already smoked/cooked)

Feeds: 10-15 people multiple servings


1-2 Bags of Tortilla Chips
½ lb per person Smoked Brisket Flat or Point Chopped or Shredded & Seasoned with Smokin` Sweetness & Midnight (and MAD COW for a spicy kick!)
4 Cups - Shredded Cheese: The most ideal 'authentic' are a blend of Mexican-style cheeses: Manchego, Oaxaca, Quesadilla and Asadero. If you don`t have those, a 'Mexican cheese blend' from a brand at the store.
2-4 Cups of melted queso cheese dip (optional, but makes it super cheesy)
1-2 cans Black Beans (organic is our preference)
1 Cup Mexican Crema or Sour Cream
1 cup Pico De Gallo
1 Jar Salsa (Mrs. Renfro`s salsa is our fave)
1 bunch Chopped Cilantro
Sliced fresh jalapenos to taste
Sliced pickled jalapeno to taste
Your favorite BBQ Sauce

Oven Set to 400 degrees F
Spatula, tongs, large serving spoons
Serving plate wider than a large stock pot
A large coffee can, stock pot or clean and new charcoal chimney without a lower grate
1-2 Cookie sheets
Parchment paper or Silicon Baking Mat
Smoke then chop/shred your Brisket and season with a 1:1 ratio blend of Hook`s Rubs Smokin` Sweetness, Midnight (add the Mad Cow rub for a little kick). You can also slow cook your brisket in a crock pot, but it will lose the smokiness smoking/grilling provides)
Line your cookie sheets with parchment paper and start by spreading the chips over top in layers.
Sprinkle with brisket, shredded cheese, black beans and dollops of queso (saving some) and spread evenly. (You won`t get every chip with every topping and that`s ok because we are going to build this thing later and it`ll all get touched with toppings at some point!)
Bake the mixture in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees F to melt the cheese onto everything.
While baking, set up your coffee can or charcoal chimney on your plate or extra cookie sheet or prep your stock pot to be layered.
Using potholders or a towel remove the nachos from the oven and begin to layer in chunks in the coffee can or chimney, making sure to touch the sides.
Pro Tip: The nachos & pan will be hot coming fresh out of the oven so make sure to secure the parchment against the pan with the potholders and use a spatula or tongs to break up the nachos and slide them into the cylinder.
Pro Tip: If using a stock pot, you can layer the nachos upside down (YES UPSIDE DOWN) as you`ll be flipping them right side up and adding toppings in the next steps.
SHOW TIME: Slowly lift the coffee can/chimney with a slight shimmy/shake so the chips don`t hang onto the sides to reveal the tower of nachos.
7a. If using the stock pot, place the plate or cookie sheet over the top of the pot and carefully flip it over then slowly lift the pot off the nachos.
REMEMBER: This nacho tower can be a cylinder or can topple a little in this step so it if isn`t a perfect tower, it`ll still taste great!
Start to cover the nachos with a few dollops of pico de gallo, crema/sour cream, guacamole, melted queso dip & salsa.
Finally, sprinkle shredded cheese, chopped cilantro jalapenos and drizzle with BBQ sauce if preferred.
Finish with a final sprinkle of Hook`s Rubs seasonings for a shot of flavor in every bite & that perfect #foodie pic!
TIME TO EAT! Set it down in front of your guests and enjoy!

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