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Tuition support for Intermountain caregivers

Posted at 6:30 PM, Dec 21, 2021

Intermountain Healthcare is proud to announce the launch of PEAK which stands for Path to Education, Advancement, and Knowledge and provides tuition support for eligible Intermountain caregivers.

This will allow their employees to pursue undergraduate degrees, undergraduate and professional skills courses, high school diplomas, and English language learning.

Beginning in October 2021, Intermountain’s employees have access to prepaid courses and degrees in the subject of their choice from top-rated academic network of accredited institutions that includes Arizona State University, CUNY, University of Virginia, University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Memphis. Utah Valley University and the College of Southern Idaho will also offer Intermountain-specific courses, with more regional schools scheduled to add courses in the future.

In addition to courses for frontline medical and nursing personnel, Intermountain will offer education programs for nonclinical employees. And, new employees joining the organization also have immediate access to the education opportunities.

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