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Utah cell phone company studies what happens when kids take a break from their devices

Harms of Social Media
Posted at 2:30 PM, Nov 02, 2023

Gabb Wireless recently conducted study researching what happens when kids take a break from their phones.

"Kids are the most important stakeholders," said Holly Butterfield Rawlings, the manager of research and education at Gabb Wireless.

They need to be a crucial part of the solution, she suggested.

"We can't top-down this," Butterfield Rawlings said. "It's important that kids be part of the solution."

She said the study shows when kids take a break, they can become part of the solution.

There were 850 kids who participated in the study.

Butterfield Rawlings said as a result of the study kids became more self-aware. “When they had the space to notice a difference,” she said, “they had some major realizations.”

She said what she witnessed was that kids want to see change, especially those with younger siblings.

On the day the fast ended, one participant said: "I don't want to get my smartphone back. I'm dreading it. I feel so much anxiety."

Kids are looking to us, Butterfield Rawlings explained. “We can empower them!”

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